Corporate Profile

Celebrating 10-Years Success in Exporting Automobiles to the world

Sterling Japan is a limited liability company duly incorporated on Japan with assets and holdings overseas. As an entity that specializes in the automobile trade, the company has developed a reputation for being a reliable supplier of reconditioned Japanese motor vehicles at the best prices.
The concept of “best price” is not a connotation of cheapest vehicles, as the company emphasizes on procuring second hand vehicles after going through a stringent quality check to ensure that each vehicle is of the quality standard desired by the end customer. Sterling Japan assures the best price for a specific quality standard of a vehicle which will eventually ensure good value for money to the end customer.
Sterling Japan does not boast of being a big entity as it firmly believes that the business of supplying the best reconditioned vehicles is a matter of operational efficiency and market intelligence. Having gained high capability in these two areas, the company is able to secure the best vehicles at very reasonable prices and thereby pass them on to customers at very low margins.
Sterling Japan is a small company with a large global business. Every customer gets to negotiation and discuss with people of authority when transacting with Sterling Japan. The most important customer service provided by Sterling Japan is the personalized service and direct dealing capability.
Being a company that specializes in automobiles, you are assured that the company depends on your total satisfaction for its very survival. This is the commitment Sterling Japan offers it customers and is evident from the many guarantees and warranties customers enjoy when buying Sterling Japan Vehicles. Most importantly, it’s a service with after sales support as well.