Frequently Asked Questions
FOB Japan Free on Boad, no shipping cost and insurance are included in the price. Shipper is not responsible for shipping, insurance and destination port charges.
CIF (Your Port) Shipping cost and Marine insurance are both included in the price. Destination port charges are excluded.
C&F (Your Port) Shipping cost is included in the price but not marine insurance and destination port charges.
RORO vessels RORO means roll on roll off and it's a specific type of service offered by the Shipping Lines for shipping vehicles only. These ships are like giant indoor floating parking lots that can hold from 400 cars up to 1,000 cars in one shot. RORO vessels have the capability to accommodate motorcycles, boats, trailers, RV'S, and heavy equipment. It should be pointed out that they don't carry containers and they certainly do not carry passengers.
Ro-Ro shipping rates Ro-Ro shipping rates are based on the size of the vehicle. We recommend that you do a "Google Search" under your vehicles' specific year, make and model, and look up the specifications as stated by the manufacturer (Length x Width x Height) shown from the longest 3 points. If there are fog lights or other accessories that extend out, a Shipping line might include this longest dimension in how they determine the shipping charge.