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Japan has cars and models of every description and is a car lovers paradise. Almost every road user is familiar with the technological advances available on the roads of Japan. Japan’s roads are available with makes from Japan and other countries around the world. We can find you almost any automobile in the world from the streets of Japan. 

Buy from us and we will guarantee you the best there is in quality. The automobile you get will be as seen on the quality reports. Our policy is to select the best automobiles for customers so that repairs or upgrades are not needed.

We are in on all auctions where the good cars available and our bidding techniques ensure that you will get the best automobiles at the best prices. We save you money by saving you searching-time. We give you the best deal so that you will never look elsewhere again.

Check our stock list now and locate the automobile of your choice now.

Speak to us if you need special models.

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Brand New Models from Japan

Japan is where all the latest models first hit the roads. Buy them hot!

Some people want the latest models before they are even out. Some have to wait for years before the can even see a new model in their home country.

We can buy the latest models as soon as they are launched in the market and send them to you as Brand New De-registered Vehicles. You will be amazed how many brand new cars we ship in a year.

Heavy Machinery and Equipment

Find latest stock of used items in very good condition for Construction Machinery, Tractors, Fork Lifts, Cranes, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Bulldozers, Crawler

Cranes, Generators, etc

A wide range of earth moving, road-building and construction equipment from all leading makes in Japan can be bought at very reasonable prices.

Used items in good condition can be selected as they have been used in industries where the usage has been within the declared specifications without abuse of overloading and with good maintenance records. Safety and efficiency comes first in every industry in Japan and the machinery they have used is in very good condition even after many years of use.

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks

We can give both used and brand new trucks made in Japan or elsewhere in the world.  

With worldwide construction becoming more demanding, the need for efficiency and sophistication in equipment and machinery is on the increase. Japan is a major source market for the latest technological achievements in Machinery and trucks of reputed makes and latest models. Japan has all sizes of trucks to meet any demand in any part of the world at very attractive prices.


With the constant development that is taking place in Japan, plants of various types and sizes are often being renewed with replacements and new technology and the old plants and equipment can be sourced for good prices. Commonly available plants are available for metal crushing, concrete premixing, asphalt manufacture,  concrete block making,

Trucks to Fit your Budget

We are automobile specialists and can give you makes and models from Japan or even China if the best price is what you are looking for. Whilst used trucks from Japan are in very good condition and with advanced technology, experience tells us that there are customers who want brand new trucks without complex technology that can be easily serviced and maintained and available at very good prices. Give us your budget and we will match the make and country that will give you the best deal.

Spare Parts

We will delivery any spares to your door step. 

Buying from Japan means that in most cases the local dealer in your country does not support the specific model

Have no fear! You can order with us online and we will immediately ship out to you the exact requirement and your business will carry on without a problem. Being one of the most advance automobile markets in the world, Japan has spares readily available for any model, even those makes that are produced outside Japan.

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